Welcome to the BDSI online store. Dental Consumables and Equipment suppliers

Welcome to the BDSI online store. Dental Consumables and Equipment suppliers

Shop at BDSI for the most competitively priced range of dental handpieces, instruments, air and ultrasonic scalers, small equipment and consumables in the UK

Nakamura Dental handpieces - High quality handpieces manufactured for BDSI in Japan

Fimet Dental Chairs & Dental Units - Manufactured in Finland

Bonart Equipment - High quality reliable cavitron style scaling units, Electrosurgery and Surgical units.

Save money without compromising quality - Try our range of consumables manufactured in the UK.

Handpieces from NSK - Kavo - Bien Air

Equipment from Woodpecker - Medisafe - Prestige Medical

Consumables from Septodont - SDI - PSP - BBraun - Velopex

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Best Selling Items

K-File 25mm Length


GP Points - Sizes 10 - 90

5.25 (2 or fewer items)
4.75 (3 or more items)

NiTi 6% Greater Taper Rotary Files


Paper Points - Sizes 10 - 90

3.99 (2 or fewer items)
3.49 (3 or more items)

Gates Glidden 32mm


H-File 25mm Length


New Products

Flowable Composite Syringe


BRIGHT LIGHT FLOW is a light curing microhybrid low viscosity flowable composite with excellent handling characteristics.
The rheological properties of the material allow it to flow while it is being syringed under pressure and to become non-drip when placed in the cavity.

Anterior and limited posterior restorations
Liner for class I and II restorations
Sealing larger pits and fissures
Repair of composite restorations and ceramic veneers

Characteristics -
Excellent flow characteristics
Very good marginal adaptation
High resistance to wear
High polishability due to fine particles
High aesthetic result
Strongly radiopaque
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Bonasil A+ Putty


Bonasil A+ Putty is a kneadable very high viscosity vinyl polysiloxane (VPS) preliminary impression material formulated to guide the flowable Bonasil A+ wash materials highly accurately to the surfaces that are clinically important
Two step putty/wash technique
One step putty/wash technique
Crown/bridge work
functional peripheries
Inlays, onlays

Characteristics - Advantages
Ideal working time/setting time ratio
Excellent consistency
Exceptional dimensional stability
Excellent elastic properties (high elastic memory)
Remarkable tear strength Non sticky
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New Life Radiology Evo Style 70KV

EVOSTYLE N.G. 70kV – 8mA
Pantograph arm is lightweight and easy to move. Stays steady in all positions.
The Timer, with membrane buttons allows programmes to be set and simplified for patient type, film type etc.
The “Thermoswitch” system blocks Rx emission in case of timer breakdown.
Choice of 40, 80, 110cm arm
Please call for price and nationwide installation
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Fimet Showroom now open!

Come and visit our new showroom opened August 2015
Fimet units available to try so you can find the right dental unit to suit your needs.
Come and speak to our experienced friendly staff at our new showroom in Barnsley
No pushy salesmen - we are a family business. We take great pride in what we do - sell good quality dental equipment at affordable prices and provide a personal standard of customer service and care.
to book an appointment please call 01226 380400
For SatNav use S75 1JU

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Fimet F1 Knee Break Chair - SUMMER OFFER SAVE 20%

Manufactured by Fimet in Finland.
Renowned for their durability.
Knee Break - Ideal for smaller surgeries.
Soft vinyl upholstry available in 18 colours.
Single joystick foot control
150k lifting capacity
Multi-articulating head rest
Chair uplift movement range 51cm.
Compact footprint 50cm x 60cm
Oil free - driven by two quiet DC motors with a worm gear. One for power lift and one for back rest.

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Fimet Neo Chair - SUMMER OFFER SAVE 20%

Manufactured by Fimet in Finland.
Knee break chair.
New ergonomic elegant design
Seamless upholstry makes cleaning and disinfection easier and ensures good hygeine.
Large height adjustment (45-95cm) is designed to ensure comfortable working position whilst standing or sitting.
The thin headrest and backrest ensures the dentist can access the treatment area in an ergonomic and efficient way.
Knee break 90°/90° sitting up position.
Available in:
30 colours in F1 Vinyl range
8 colours in Fusion Ultrafabrics range
5 colours in Griffine Synthetic Leather PVC.
Dual joystic foot controls
Rotation 180°

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