Welcome to the BDSI online store. Dental Consumables and Equipment suppliers

Welcome to the BDSI online store. Dental Consumables and Equipment suppliers

Shop at BDSI for the most competitively priced range of dental handpieces, instruments, air and ultrasonic scalers, small equipment and consumables in the UK

Nakamura Dental handpieces - High quality handpieces manufactured for BDSI in Japan

Fimet Dental Chairs & Dental Units - Manufactured in Finland

Bonart Equipment - High quality reliable cavitron style scaling units, Electrosurgery and Surgical units.

Save money without compromising quality - Try our range of consumables manufactured in the UK.

Handpieces from NSK - Kavo - Bien Air

Equipment from Woodpecker - Medisafe - Prestige Medical

Consumables from Septodont - SDI - PSP - BBraun - Velopex

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Best Selling Items

BDSI Composite 4g Syringe

9.95 (4 or fewer items)
9.25 (5 or more items)

K-File 25mm Length


BDSI Composite Compules


Pegasus Impression Trays


Multi Taper Shaping and Finishing Files


Mini Perforated Trays

4.35 (5 or fewer items)
4.15 (6 or more items)

New Products

Rubber Dam Clamp DW

Small molars and large bicuspids.
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Rubber Dam Clamp E

All incisors, canines and premolars with limited gingival retention.
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Rubber Dam Clamp BW

Molars with good gingival retraction.
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Rubber Dam Clamp A

Molars, deciduous molars and part erupted teeth
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Prestige Medical Classic 2100 Autoclave 9 litre Media


Offering the most cost effective solution for sterilisation.

Standard model with instrument basket or cassette rack

9 ltr capacity
With printer for easy data capture
The Classic Media has a built-in safety mechanism that
prevents the unit being opened until the temperature
inside has fallen to a safer level. This is important as
many hazards occur during the unloading process
NEW interlock mechanism means lid cannot be incorrectly fastened.
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Prestige Ultraclean 3 Washer Disinfector (underbench)


Prestige Ultraclean Under Bench

Incorporates a new, 35 minute 'Quick Cycle' for faster processing of instruments
Viewing window and illuminated chamber enables the operator to make a simple check to ensure the machine is operating correctly
Fully compliant to EN 15883 and HTM2030 - the recommended best practice standard - to give you peace of mind LI>Seamless hands free process from the dentist through to sterilization in the autoclave, eleminating sharps injuries and instrument damage
High load capacity despite its compact size.
Forced hot air drying removes all moisture on the instruments makung them sterilization ready for the autoclave
Self-dosing detergent delivers consistent results - reduces waste and costs less per cycle
Unique air gap prevents backflow pollution to ensure the safe disposal of contaminated fluids required by BS EN1717:2001
Can be supplied with optional data logger or printer for easy recordable data capture - essential for compliance
W560 x H800 x D575
MRRP £4999.00 our price £4399.00 + vat + £120.00 delivery and commissioning
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