Welcome to the BDSI online store. Dental Consumables and Equipment suppliers

Welcome to the BDSI online store. Dental Consumables and Equipment suppliers

Shop at BDSI for the most competitively priced range of dental handpieces, instruments, air and ultrasonic scalers, small equipment and consumables in the UK

Nakamura Dental handpieces - High quality handpieces manufactured for BDSI in Japan

Fimet Dental Chairs & Dental Units - Manufactured in Finland

Bonart Equipment - High quality reliable cavitron style scaling units, Electrosurgery and Surgical units.

Save money without compromising quality - Try our range of consumables manufactured in the UK.

Handpieces from NSK - Kavo - Bien Air

Equipment from Woodpecker - Medisafe - Prestige Medical

Consumables from Septodont - SDI - PSP - BBraun - Velopex

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K-File 25mm Length


NiTi 6% Greater Taper Rotary Files


BDSI Composite 4g Syringe

9.95 (4 or fewer items)
9.25 (5 or more items)

BDSI Composite Compules


Mini Perforated Trays

4.35 (5 or fewer items)
4.15 (6 or more items)

Siqveland Martix Band Holder


New Products


Feature article in Dentistry Magazine by Dr Chris Anderson, Brighouse, West Yorkshire

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Odontopaste 8g tube


**NEW alternative to Ledermix paste**
A zinc-oxide based endodontic dressing used to reduce pain, as well as to maintain a bacteria-free environment within the root canal.

Containing the broad spectrum antibiotic clindamycin hydrochloride, as well as triamcinolone acetonide a steroid-based anti-infl ammatory agent, and calcium hydroxide. ODONTOPASTE® temporarily obturates root canals and prevents bacterial repopulation within both the root canal and the paste itself, in addition to temporarily reducing infl ammation and post-operative pain.

Pack contents: 8g Tube & applicator
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Gigasept Enzymatic 750g Tub


Advanced high performance tri-enzymatic powder concentrate for manual cleaning and disinfection of dental instruments
the 3 enzymes directly target and break down proteins, sugars and fats in any debris for an effective cleaning solution

effective against bacteria (inc.TB), fungi and viruses (inc. HBV, HCV and HIV) in 15 mins
contains corrosion inhibitors
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Gigasonic 2 litre


High performance dual action liquid concentrate for cleaning and disinfection of dental instruments in ultrasonic baths
gigasonic® is designed specifically for use with ultrasonic cleaning equipment. Its chemical stability for this application has been scientifically proven.

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Gigazyme 1litre


Superior performance solution with unique tri-enzymatic formulation for optimum manual cleaning and disinfection of dental instruments
bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal in 5 minutes
tested according to EN 1275, EN 1040, EN 13727
excellent material compatibility
CE Marked, pH neutral and low foaming

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Mikrozid Alcohol Free Liquid 1 litre


alcohol free, making it ideal for all surfaces including dental chairs and alcohol sensitve materials
added surfactants for boosted cleaning performance
cleaning and disinfection, 2 complete actions with 1 product
quick drying and residue free
ready to use solution
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