Welcome to the BDSI online store. Dental Consumables and Equipment suppliers

Welcome to the BDSI online store. Dental Consumables and Equipment suppliers

Shop at BDSI for the most competitively priced range of dental handpieces, instruments, air and ultrasonic scalers, small equipment and consumables in the UK.

Please see our range of handpieces - manufactured in Japan by Nakamura Dental

Great deals on Dental Chairs and ENT Chairs - manufactured by Fimet in Finland. Please call for prices, upholstry swatch cards etc.

Save money without compromising quality - Try our range of consumables manufactured in the UK.

Bonart equipment including Ultrasonic Scalers, Electrosurgery Units and Surgical Equipment

Best Selling Items

Multi Taper Shaping and Finishing Files


BDSI Composite 4g Syringe

9.95 (4 or fewer items)
9.25 (5 or more items)

BDSI Composite Compules


Pegasus Impression Trays


Micron Nitrile Powder Free Gloves (Latex Free)

8.44 (4 or fewer items)
7.65 (5 to 9 items)
7.13 (10 to 19 items)
6.60 (20 or more items)

Round Steel Burs size 1/2 - 8


New Products

Large Perforated Tray Lids


Aluminium Perforated tray lids to fit large trays 28cm x 18cm
Grey only
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Mini Perforated Tray Lids


Aluminium Perforated tray lids for mini trays 18cm x 14cm
Grey only
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Mini Non Perforated Tray Lids


Aluminium non perforated tray lids to fit Mini trays 18cm x 14cm
Grey only
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Large Non Perforated Tray Lids


Aluminium non perforated lids to fit Large trays 28cm x 18cm
Grey only.
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Bonart IM-1 Dental Implantology System


The ART-IM1 is a precice and powerful implantology system with a micromotor that will adapt to any contra angle with the following gear ratios: 20:1, 16:1, 1:1, 1:5
Wide speeed range 20-40,000 RPM
Powerful torque 10-50Ncm
Ergonomic Handpiece
User friendly interface
10 Preset options
Motor is compatible with your existing implant handpiece
Implant surgery
Implant site preparation
Makes threaded tracks for implants
Places implants with precision
System housed in a professional carry case
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Fimet F1 Mondo Unit

Electro mechanical power lift and power backrest by 2 motors with synchronized movement
8-program positions, self-diagnostic testing, 2 safety stop switches
Chair position controls via instrument bridge and suction head
Soft upholstery (Long leg-rest or Knee-break version)
Double articulating headrest and height adjustable backrest
NEW - Armrests now in upholstery colour and turn 90 degrees if necessary
Choice of composite base in grey or white or combination
Choose from 19 upholstery colours (samples available)
Chair mounted cuspidor with bowl rinse and cup filler from buttons on the instrument bridge
Choice of over the patient instrument bridge with continental whip arms or hanging hoses
3-way straight syringe, slow speed air motor hose and high speed Midwest hose
Facility for 4th and 5th outlets Aluminium tray mount
Vision unit mounted light with 2 intensities
Mondo version suction arm with manual valves and X-ray viewer
Clean water bottle
Floor box with disc foot control for air and water spray
Standard Dry Line C System (F1 wet line with bowl valve available)
£9295.00 + vat fitted to a fully serviced surgery

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